Vigo International Journal of Applied Linguistics VIAL

Rosa Jiménez Catala and Soraya Moreno Espinosa (1): Using Lex30 to measure the L2 productive vocabulary of Spanish primary learners of EFL. VIAL. Number 2/2005: 27-44.


Lex30 is an experimental test of L2 productive vocabulary (Meara and Fitzpatrick,2000), that elicits a rich vocabulary output from a free word association task. Since its development, it has been mainly used to measure the productive vocabulary of undergraduate learners of EFL. In this paper, we will present the results of a study that has been carried out with a homogeneous group of 282 Spanish primary school learners of EFL enrolled in the fourth grade. The purpose of this study is to ascertain whether the L2 productive vocabulary of such young learners can be measured by means of this exploratory tool.

(1) Departmento de Filologías Modernas. Universidad de La Rioja, Spain.

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