Vigo International Journal of Applied Linguistics VIAL

Yan Li, Shanyu Xu and Qiaoying Wang (1): The effects of simplified and elaborated texts on second language reading comprehension: an exploratory study. VIAL. Number 2/2005: 45-74.


This exploratory study was conducted to investigate the effects of two types of input modification-simplification and elaboration- on Filipino high school students┤second language reading comprehension. Forty-eight participants were divided into high and low language proficiency groups. Three English reading passages in one of the three forms-baseline, simplified and elaborated-were presented to them. Reading comprehension was evaluated based on their performance on three types of comprehension question items: general, specific and inferential. The data were analyzed according to the mean scores in each proficiency and text type group. This study found that modified written input was more comprehensible than unmodified written input for Filipino learners of English; however, it appeared more helpful to the LP students than the HP students on overall reading comprehension. The results also indicated that simplified passages are easier for them to comprehend than elaborated passages. In addition, the HP students always had significantly higher scores in general and specific comprehension question items except in inferential comprehension type.

(1) College of Education, de La Salle University.

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