Vigo International Journal of Applied Linguistics VIAL

Roberto A. Baldeón (1): Implementing Colloquial Language in the Classroom: Amplificatory Elements, Elliptical Structures and Reported Speech. VIAL. Number 4/2007: 95-116.


This paper aims to scrutinize the teaching of the informal variety of English in the non-native classroom, with particular reference to three features: amplificatory elements, reported speech and elliptical structures. The first section introduces the latest findings derived from corpus linguistics research (notably by Biber et al. 1999; Carter and McCarthy 2006). The second section analyzes contemporary textbooks for advanced students to ascertain whether these findings have been incorporated into the curricula or whether they remain outside teaching materials. Finally some suggestions will be made as ways of implementing the features of colloquial English in the classroom.

Keywords: Colloquial English, ellipsis, amplificatory elements, reported speech, text books.

(1) Universidad de Oviedo, Spain.

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