Vigo International Journal of Applied Linguistics VIAL

José Ignacio Aguilar Río (1): L2 teachers' disaffiliation from learners' actions: A joint conversation analysis & stimulated recall methodology proposal for L2 teachers' decision-making inquiry VIAL. Number 7/2010: 9-29.


This article presents the first results drawn from a current research study focusing on L2 teachers' decision-making processes in classroom-instructed language teaching for adult learners. Conversation analysis and stimulated recall interviews are integrated in the research methodology in order to (a) locate instances of L2 teachers' disaffiliation from learners' interactive actions, and (b) elucidate the principles that originate such disaffiliation. Previous literature on L2 teachers’ decision-making argued that these principles are of a pedagogical nature, namely the teachers' observance of previously designed class-plans, and teachers’ concern to have as many as possible of the learners actively engaged in class interaction. The results show the occurrence of emotional responses during the analysis made by one teacher regarding her classroom decisions. It is argued that a distinction be made between pedagogical principles and principles accounting for more emotional responses.

Keywords: Foreign language teaching, language teachers' cognition, conversation analysis, disaffiliation, decision-making.

(1) Université du Maine, France

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