Vigo International Journal of Applied Linguistics VIAL

Hacer Hande Uysal (1). Argumentation across L1 and L2 Writing: Exploring Cultural Influences and Transfer Issues. VIAL. Number 9/2012: 133-519.


Scholars suggest that what constitutes an effective argumentation is culturally driven and L1 specific rhetorical or argument patterns may influence written argumentation in a second language. The present study, thus, explores the argument preferences of people from the same cultural background across their L1 and L2 texts within a cultural-educational framework. First, participants are given a survey regarding their previous writing instruction that serves as the "small cultural context" to contextualize the findings; then, they write argumentative essays both in their L1 and L2. The texts are analyzed mainly in terms of argument structures based on Toulmin's (1958) model of reasoning, Hinkel's (1997; 2005) indirectness devices, Aristotle's rhetorical appeals, and language style. Then, stimulated recall interviews are conducted to learn the reasons behind the participants' use of detected patterns and their transfer. The results indicate common patterns used in both similar and dissimilar ways across L1 and L2, influenced by cultural as well as various other factors.

Keywords: Contrastive rhetoric, argumentative writing, transfer, writing instruction, second language writing

(1) Gazi University, Turkey.

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