Vigo University Press publishes a great number of specialized journals, among which several related to the Galician language, one in the field of English and German language and literature and a thriving journal in the field of Sociolinguistics. VIAL is, nevertheless, an attempt at filling a gap, which is found not only in our community but in Spain in general, where no journal exists to cover the areas from which VIAL hopes to attract contributions: that of SLA, Language Teaching Methodology, the growing area of Cognitive Linguistics related to Language Teaching and Learning, Pycholinguistics, Language Pathologies and the related fields of ESP and Translation.

The idea of publishing an international journal in Applied Linguistics met with enthusiasm when we first presented the idea to the academic community in Spain and abroad. The great number of letters of support received, and the fact that so many prestigious researchers immediately accepted to be members of our Scientific Advisory Board and Editorial Board confirmed our hypothesis that this journal would be welcome, and earn its right of place among the host of academic journals already on the market.

We hope VIAL will encourage the interest of researchers in the existing field of Applied Linguistics which are quickly becoming key areas on the cutting edge of linguistic research. VIAL would like to become an outlet both for new and already established researchers in the area and to create a space for readers interested in pursuing the complex and fascinating path of VIAL. We have taken the first step, the success of our next calls for papers will depend largely on your contributions. Our common effort will hopefully turn VIAL into a meeting place for scholars working in similar fields and thus become a forum of discussion in the Applied Linguistics panorama.

We would like to express our thanks to the colleagues who have shown us their confidence in submitting their works to our introductory issue, to the advisors who have been doing the reviewing and to the members of our Scientific Advisory board. Special thanks are due to the Servicio de Publicacións da Universidade de Vigo and to the Xunta de Galicia for financial support.

The Editors:

Rosa Alonso
Marta Dahlgren