Vigo International Journal of Applied Linguistics VIAL

Contents of Number 0, Year 2003:

* Searching for Foreign Accent. (Z. S. Bond, Verna Stockmal, Danny R. Moates): 13-24. Abstract

* La elección de diferentes unidades analíticas en el marco de la investigación textual : problemas y soluciones posibles. (Izaskun Elorza): 25-42. Abstract

* Estudios inter e intralingüísticos de las alteraciones del lenguaje: la validez de los planteamientos. (Elena Garayzábal Heinze): 43-56. Abstract

* The Pragmatic Rhetorical Strategy of Hedging in Academic Writing. (Pedro Martín): 57-72. Abstract

* Input in the EFT Setting : focus on the teachers' awareness and use of requests, suggestions and advice acts. (Alicia Martínez Flor): 73-102. Abstract

* Computer learner corpora, or how can we turn our students' interlanguage into a resource for EFL research and teaching? (María Teresa Prat Zagrebelski): 103-120. Abstract

* Dead or To Death? On Translating into Spanish the Semantico-Pragmatic Implications Derived from the English Resultative Construction. (Beatriz Rodríguez Arrizabalaga): 121-136. Abstract