Vigo International Journal of Applied Linguistics VIAL

Contents of Number 11, Year 2014:

* The dative alternation in L2 German? Conceptualization transfer from L1 Dutch. Kristof Baten and Ludovic De Cuypere, Ghent University, Belgium: 9-40. Abstract

* Some explanations for the slow acquisition of L2 collocations. Frank Boers (1), Seth Lindstromberg (2) and June Eyckmans (3). (1) Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, (2) Hilderstone College, UK, (3) Universiteit Ghent and Vrije Universiteit Brussels, Belgium: 41-61. Abstract

* The reception of subtitled colloquial language in Catalan: an eye-tracking exploratory study. Anna Fernàndez, Anna Matamala and Anna Vilaró. Centre d'Accessibilitat i Intel.ligència Ambiental de Catalunya, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain: 63:80. Abstract

* The expression of Path in L2 Danish by German and Turkish learners. Moiken Jessen. University of Southern Denmark: 81-109. Abstract

* Exploring Pragmatics and Phonetics for Successful Translation. Marta Mateo. Universidad de Oviedo, Spain: 111-135. Abstract

* Multimodal cognitive operations in classical music. Paula Pérez Sobrino. University of La Rioja, Spain: 137-168. Abstract

* Basics of Ontology modeling in FunGramKB. The case of burn*. Andreea Rosca. University of La Rioja, Spain: 169-184. Abstract