Vigo International Journal of Applied Linguistics VIAL

Contents of Number 16, Year 2019:

* Do prospective primary school teachers suffer from Foreign Language Anxiety (FLA) in Spain? Marian Amengual-Pizarro. Universitat de les Illes Balears, Spain: 9-30. Abstract

* Readability indices for the assessment of textbooks: a feasibility study in the context of EFL. Pascual Cantos Gómez and Ángela Almela Sánchez-Lafuente. Universidad de Murcia, Spain: 31-50. Abstract

* An n-gram based approach to the automatic classification of schoolchildren's writing. Jordi Cicres (1) and Sheila Queralt (2). (1) Universitat de Girona, Spain. (2) Laboratorio SQ-Lingüistas Forenses, Barcelona, Spain : 53-80. Abstract

* The Persistence of L1 Patterns in SLA: the Boundary Crossing Constraint and Incidental Learning. Amani Alghamdi (1), Michael Daller (2) and James Milton (1). (1) University of Swansea, U.K. (2) Reading University, U.K.: 81-106. Abstract

* Effects of L2 usage and L1 transfer on Turkish learners' production of English verb-argument constructions. Ute Römer and Selahattin Yilmaz. Georgia State University, U.S.A.: 107-134. Abstract

* Dubbing attitudes through tonal patterns: when tones speak louder than words. Sofía Sánchez-Mompeán. Universidad de Murcia, Spain: 135-156. Abstract