Vigo International Journal of Applied Linguistics VIAL

Contents of Number 2, Year 2005:

* Williams syndrome and syndrome of non-verbal learning disabilities: does genetics have the clue for pragmatic disturbances? (Elena Garayzabal Heinze): 9-26. Abstract

* Using Lex30 to measure the L2 productive vocabulary of Spanish primary learners of EFL (Rosa Jiménez Catala, Soraya Moreno Espinosa): 27-44. Abstract

* The effects of simplified and elaborated tests on second language reading comprehension: an exploratory study (Yan Li, Shanyu Xu, Qiaoying Wang): 45-74. Abstract

* Predicting ease of acquisition of L2 speech sounds: a perceived dissimilarity test (Lucrecia Rallo Fabra): 75-92. Abstract

* Active online tests: an implementation of a learning evaluation methodology in the framework of the European higher education system (Fernando L. Vilariño Freire): 93-108.Abstract