Vigo International Journal of Applied Linguistics VIAL

Contents of Number 9, Year 2012:

* Effectiveness of Consciousness-Raising in Acquisition of English Dative Alternation. Ali Akbar Ansarin and Behnam Arasteh, University of Tabriz, Iran: 9-38. Abstract

* The role of motivation and age in vocabulary knowledge. Almudena Fernández Fontecha and Melania Terrazas Gallego. Universidad de la Rioja, Spain: 39-62. Abstract

* The development of plurilingual competence through authentic assessment and self-assessment: case study. Raquel Hidalgo Downing. Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain: 63:84. Abstract

* Immigrant children and access to school language. A comparative study between Latin American and non-Latin American students in Spain. Ángel Huguet (1), José Luis Navarro (1), Silvia-Maria Chireac (2), Clara Sansó (1). (1) Universitat de Lleida, Spain, (2) Universitatea "Alexandru I. Cuza", Romania: 85-105. Abstract

* Interlanguage variation: The influence of monitoring and contextualization on L2 phonological production. Gregory L. Thompson (1) and Alan V. Brown (2). (1) University of Central Florida, U.S.A., (2) University of Kentucky, U.S.A.: 107-132. Abstract

* Argumentation across L1 and L2 Writing: Exploring Cultural Influences and Transfer Issues. Hacer Hande Uysal. Gazi University, Turkey: 133-159. Abstract